Bulleit Rye Whiskey

bulleit I am not a huge whiskey drinker.  I’m carefully cultivating cocktail snobbery and I must say it is taking far longer than I might have imagined.  Some people think you can just stumble into being a drink snob.  I’m here to tell you brother that it takes both time and not an inconsiderable amount of effort.

Consider how easy it would be to simply buy a bottle of two buck chuck or some Jose Cuervo Especial and kill off a few hundred taste buds and brain cells.  It takes no effort at all to buy bad booze.  Hundreds of thousands of people do it every day.  Some well meaning people even buy things that I wouldn’t clean lawn mower parts with and try very very hard to mix it into something that they can get past the gag reflex and into a well warmed buzz.

Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye are a revolution and a half past the days of fuzzy “martini” drinks and overly sweet cocktails.  While Bulleit’s Bourbon is a small batch whiskey produced by Four Roses in Lawrenceburg Kentucky, Their rye is a mass produced product of MGPI in Lawrenceburg Indiana. Bulleit may have come to some people’s attention through a recent Sly Stallone movie Bullet to the Head where he brings his own bottle of the bourbon to the bar because they don’t carry it.

I have to say, I’ve tried their bourbon and now the rye and I’m very comfortable with both.  Smoky scents on first blush, and it keeps the head for a good while.  It sips well and blends nicely into a number of things I’ve tried with it.  Goes well with both lemon and lime.  I don’t get a lot of after burn, the alcohol catch is all in the front of the mouth and the charcoal and aromatics hit the sides and back in a nice progression that leaves your throat alone.

My rating system isn’t very advanced and I don’t like decimal points in ratings so i’m giving this a 4/5 shakers.  I like it in a few things but I don’t see myself polishing off a bottle on my own anytime in the near future.

Editors Note: Having learned considerably more I’ve adjusted several of the items in here to reflect reality.  I did eventually polish off the bottle, and it didn’t take as long as I thought.