Sinfire Cinnamon Whiskey


The fine folks that make Pendleton Whiskey have entered the flavored whiskey market with a competitor to Fireball.  There must be some serious competition here because Sazerac Inc. the parent company of Fireball sued Hood river distillers for trademark infringement in February of last year.

Priced reasonably, Sinfire whiskey has a good whiskey flavor in addition to the Cinnamon.  Most of these fireball type drinks are cloyingly sweet and taste more like red hots than actual cinnamon.

Sinfire seems to avoid a lot of those speed-bumps and creates a fine blend of cask flavor and sweetness.  Fireball is marketed in the same vein as aftershock  and other Dare Shots that aren’t really for enjoyment but rather for the Jackass style yuks of people who get to watch the expression on your face when you drink.

Sinfire on the other hand, seems to lean more towards things like Eastside’s Marion berry whiskey or Cherry bomb whiskey.  Flavorful offerings that use real ingredients to alter the naturally good taste of whiskey.

This isn’t a spicy drink like hot monkey or ABSOLUT PEPPAR.  You might think cinnamon and get hot, like atomic fireball or something in that vein.  This is actually much more an exercise in the true spirit of the spice as opposed to the flavoring additives that people think of as that spice.

The bottle you see here is a lovely little 50ml I picked up from their booth at the OMSI mixology night.  I plan to work out something that really plays with the cinnamon flavors as soon as I can think of a good fruit juice to pair it with.


Wry Grin

Wry Grin

I’ve purchased a bottle of Bulleit Rye Whiskey at the recommendation of a friend.  I was shifting through my copy of Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, (the book that honestly started all this mess to begin with) and found that with my current bar stock the next best thing to add would be a good rye.

Rye Whiskey makes an appearance in at least 10 drinks in the book and of the other likely candidates was the only one I hadn’t tried yet.  At the above mentioned friend’s birthday a bottle was around and making some fantastic manhattans.  I had already run through the stock of cherry liqueurs that I had brought for the purpose of making hard cherry limeades and had a few odds and ends left around.  This drink was the result and it has been a smash hit ever since.

1oz Limeade
1 1/2 oz Rye Whiskey
2oz Maraschino syrup

Shake, strain into glass over ice.

The flavor has been likened to a jolly rancher, which to my mind simply means sweet but if done properly you get more than a nice dash of both cherry and rye flavors without a lot of burn.  Alcohol flavor about 1/10.